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Generate Random waveform using FMC150 and Xilink KC705

[font=verdana]I set up the FMC150 with the Xilink KC705 board using the quick set-up guide and get a sine waveform on the oscilloscope as expected. I would now like to be able to generate a random wavefrom of my choice (for example another sine wave of a particular frequency or a OFDM waveform). I presume this would be done by inputting data of my choosing into the DAC as apposed to the data that is inputted by default which makes the sine wave. Do you know how I would go about doing this?[/font]
[font=verdana]Thanks for your help![/font]

Thanks Arnuad.

What would be the best way to modify the generatewaveform16() function to create a waveform of my choice? Can I just open the FMC150app.vcxproj file in visual studio, modify the code to how I want, compile it and then call the FMC150app.exe function the same way its called in the quick start guide? If you could give me a rough outline on how to proceed that would be great!

Thanks again for your help


Dear Sir,

FMC150App is indeed creating buffers on the fly, check at GenerateWaveform16() in main.cpp. The software source code is installed under 'C:\Program Files (x86)\4dsp\FMC Board Support Package\Refs\Software\FMC150'

Best Regards,
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