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RTS 150

Any updates after 3.1.03?

When we open our data, the time starts at 01/01/2000 and we have to convert it to today's time,  how can we fix this?

How can we record in millisecond?

Is the highest sampling frequency 65 Hz?

How do we use the replay at different speeds?


The timestamp should be total number of seconds from January 1st, 2000.  The unit is in seconds.

I am not sure what you mean by "miliseconds".    The timestamps are recorded using the PC clock and is in order of the packet that it receives from the server.

The frequency depends on number of channels active as well as the sweep rate.  There is a performance limitation when all channels are enabled.

The Replay is set to ~20 frames per second in the software.  The format of the file is easily decodeable though (you can use the BIN2CSV converter and convert the binary file to excel and see what it looks like) so it can be easily loaded to Matlab and other post analysis software if you need it.

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