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AN001 Tutorial: Axis to StellarIP Interface


I recently found the AN001 Tutorial .pdf file which describes how to connect AXI-Stream IP to StellarIP stars. This is how I want to implement my next design so I was very glad to find the tutorial. The process described in the tutorial makes a lot of sense to me and I now understand how this interface should work. I have followed the tutorial but I found a few gaps in the source code provided in the document and I am having trouble making my design work correctly.

It would be very beneficial if this tutorial included a complete set of design files, just the AN002 Tutorial (for making StellarIP stars available within an AXI environment) does.

Are you able to post the project files corresponding to the AN001 Tutorial .pdf document?

Thank you!
Jim Curry

Dear Jim,

AN002 is already existing but this is to wrap a StellarIP star into a AXI wrapper. It is part of last week's installer.

AN001 comes with a complete firmware, it should be extracted by the installer: C:\Program Files (x86)\4dsp\Common\Firmware\Extracted\419_kc705_fmc104_xfft

Can you please double check if you have the AN001 firmware sources there? Because indeed the document only contains a few abstracts of firmware 419!

Best Regards,


The sources are indeed there. Thank you for pointing me in the right direction!


Perfect Jim,

I am happy you are finding your way through our tools and material!

Best Regards,
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