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FMC 151 compatiblity with FMC150 and latency time

The FMC150 is AC coupled and it seems that frequencies below 50 kHz are all attenuated. We thus think to switch to a FMC151 because we need the DC. We based our work on the Xiling example provided (DUC filters) with the FMC150 in a kit. I would like to make sure that our VHDL code will be compatible with the FMC151. Other question is related to FMC 150/151 latency time. From the Xilink previous example, we suppress the filter (there are still of VHDL code to reformat the data, autocalibration...) and "connected " the ADCout to the DACin of the card in order to duplicate a signal and evaluate the latency time. We found is around 400 to 450 ns. Since our application is for fast control loop, I was wondering whether you have a DC coupled product with a shorter latency time.

Dear Sir,

Have you been able to find this information already?

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A colleague of mine ordered a FMC151 anyway so we will try.
However I would appreciate any feedback on this matter from 4DSP.
Hi Gilles,

The FMC151 is backwards compatible with the FMC150. We added DC offset correction, but this is controlled through I2C, so there are no FMC pinout changes. Your current VHDL code should work.

We do not have another DC coupled product with both ADC and DAC on the same board.

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