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axis_32b signal direction mismatch?

I am trying to use Stellar IP axis_32bin/out wormholes, as described in AN001_KC705_FMC104_AXI_FFTcore_tutorial, and it looks like the direction of tsrb and tkeep signals for both wormholes is opposite of the standard and does not work with IP that use it. Is it the case or I'm mistaken?


You are correct that the signals are opposite to what the standard defines, which is incorrect however,  the tutorial and wormholes are designed to be compatible with the Xilinx FFT core IP and this core doesn't make use of the tsrb and tkeep signals.
There are two things you could do:
1. Clone the existing axis_32bin/out wormholes, change the direction of tsrb and tkeep and  start using these
2. Change the direction of tsrb and tkeep in the existing wormholes. In this case you will have to pay attention in case you want to synchronize your TC-lib with our latest versions. Also, if you are using one of the stars that is using the axis_32bin/out wormhole, you will also have to change the direction inside your star. Therefore I would recommend you to clone the wormholes.

Best regards,
Ingmar van Klink

Thanks for clarification!
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