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Why cant we discuss our issues in General dicussion forum

Dear moderator

Why aren't we allowed to discuss our questions to the general forums. I have posted some of my questions to the Genral Discussion forum but it was then moved Under Chonbuk National University heading.

Well No issues with that. I think it is good so later I followed directly posting to the respective group.

But Now I see some of the post related to my topic and I think I can either benefit from it or share my experience with other brothers... But I am not allowed to visit it.

Pardon me sir, but I have been part of several forums of various types but none has thing.

There might be some reason but I urge you to please reconsider this rule.

Many thanks
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Dear Sir,

4DSP's subforums are private to protect confidential information exchanged with customers. Based on this premise, it is not recommended to post project specific information in general areas. The 4DSP forum is primarily an interface for support between a customer and 4DSP. In the long run we are planning to post more information on different topics for Public Access but these posts will be stripped from any user or project specific information.

Thank you,
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