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FMC Analyzer/VP780/FMC176


I am attempting to run the 4FM FMC Analyzer on my VP780 with an FMC176 installed. Earlier today I downloaded and installed v2.250.1 of the BSP software. I am running the VP780/FMC176 reference design (Constellation ID 294) using its recovery .hex file, found at:
C:\Program Files (x86)\4dsp\Common\Firmware\Recovery\294_vp780_fmc176\294_vp780_fmc176_1140t.hex

So I've loaded this .hex file into FPGA A, and power-cycled the board, as instructed to do by the 4FM GUI Application. I then opened 4FM FMC Analyzer, and selected the following items:
-FMC Card: FMC176
-Carrier: VP780
-Available Interfaces: PCIe
-Device to connect: Device 0
-Clock Mode: Internal Clock

I clicked "Open Device" and got the following error message in a popup dialog:
"FMC card initialization error: Unable to connect to FPGA device. Perhaps an incorrect device id was used or incorrect firmware was loaded?"

The console window that opened up when I clicked "Open Device" contains the following text:
" [size=0pt][font=Verdana][color=black]Connected FPGA Device Type: XC7VX1140T-2FXG1930C

Start of program
Constellation ID : 294
Number of Stars  : 8
Software Build  : 0x540968FD
Firmware Build  : 0x00000000
Firmware Version : 0.257

Constellation ID not supported by this software, exiting...[/color][/font][/size]"

Is this constellation supported by 4FM FMC Analyzer? Have I done something incorrectly in attempting to run this firmware/software? Is there a different constellation that I should be using instead?

Thank you!



The Analyzer does not support all constellations unfortunately. In this case you should experiment with FMC176APP which is using the same code. The application saves date buffers to the hard disk and you can visualize these buffer using Visual Analog, a free tool you can download from Analog Devices's website!

Best Regards,

Thanks for confirming this. I was about to move on the the FMC176App, but had been unaware of Visual Analog. Thanks for the tip!

Hello Jim,

Attached is a Visual Analog project file able to deal with the buffer created by the application, it will get handy.

You can open that project file from Visual Analog, everything is configured to have time and frequency domain analysis!

Best Regards,
Thanks, that project works perfectly.
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