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sxdx_configurerouter() documentation

I am trying to understand how to use the sxdx_configurerouter() function - particularly how to configure the 64 bit value passed to it as a parameter. But the documentation reads "consult SD018 star document to understand what kind of configuration words are expected". When I look there, however, the document does not really describe how the function's parameter configures the star. Is there some more in-depth document that I am missing?

Blair Fonville

Actually, nevermind. I got it.
Dear Blair,

Always glad to assist when it is self solving topics :) I am closing this topic and feel free to open any other.

For other reader, the router configuration is based on two 32 bit registers, a MSB and a LSB word. The software does pass a 64 bit word to sxdx_configurerouter() function and this function splits the word in two writing these two words to the firmware registers.

Best Regards,
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