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Missing .DSN and .TClib files to generate .xise project (104_ml605_fmc125)

I'm missing a crucial first step for starting my development project. I'd like to develop my firmware using Xilinx Project Navigator. 4DSP has a process for generating .xise project files from .dsn files using StellarIP. Unfortunately, I do not see a .dsn file to go woth my hardware (ML605 w/ FMC125 daghter card). How can I get a Xilinx Project started in lieu of the missing files?


I just saw Chapter 8 of the Getting Started Guide... I will try these instructions and get back...
I was able to generate a .xise project from the legacy .sdf and .xml files.
Dear Kevin,

Thank you for the feedback. Yes indeed, we are slowly upgrading all the firmwares to the new StellarIP but that takes a long time.

I am happy you could find the information you were looking for.

Best Regards,
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