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Schematic viewing in 4FM GUI

I have just updated my installation of the 4DSP development package on a Windows 7 machine.  This is BSP Version 2.227.1, BSP Installer Date 4 April 2014.

Using a previously-built project, I am able to run "Generate" without errors.  However, if I run "SDF to Schematic" or "Load Schematic", I get a sequence of error windows saying:
"Could not load 4DSPStellarIP.dll"
"StellarIP recovered from a crash"
"The running instance of StellarIP is not responding".
After clicking 'OK' on the last window, the GUI application continues to work as before, so the "not responding" message seems bogus.

The file 'C:\Program Files\4dsp\4FM Core Development Kit\Bins\4DSPStellarIP.dll' exists (853,136 bytes).

Also, the '.\StellarIP\Training Material' folder of this version contains no files (just a limited directory structure), so I am not able to try this with other projects.

I have un-installed and re-installed the package twice.  With a fresh installation, the behavior is the same.

Can you help?



This seems to indicate you have installed a new BSP with an old license file. StellarIP was upgraded recently, a new license file is required. The training material firmware is part of the firmware installation.

Please check the updated 4FM Getting Started Guide there are indication on how to run the new StellarIP and how to import older designs. Typically the new StellarIP is a whole schematic design editor generating ISE/Vivado projects.

The StellarIP in 4FM GUI Control application is not to be used and is not available as soon you use a new license file.

You can obtain a new license file from

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This topic is being closed because the issue is considered as resolved by 4DSP. Feel free to create a new topic for any further inquiries.