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PC720_FMC116 reference design error in generate

We are using the BSP Installer from April 17th 2014 and Version 2.228.1 (i believe the most recent at the time of this post).

I need to do a design based off of the 311_pc720_fmc116 reference files that have been extracted.

We did this successfully for the kc705 reference board and now we are trying to evaluate the pc720.

The files have been copied to a directory without spaces as suggested in the documentation. 
I can load the dsn of other projects and click generate.
That works successfully for the 357_pc720 and 400_kc705_trainmat. 
We are using ISE 14.7 and Vivado and both are enabled in the settings.

The 311_pc720_fmc116 results in an error and it is the one I need.

I am guessing that maybe the set of reference files which seam to be created back in 8/2013 are not compatible with the new release for some reason.

We did a clean install of the April 17th 2014 version (uninstalled everything) with a recent new license.
We then did a modify install from a newer license file that I received today that contained the pc720 license. 
It seamed to extract the files ok and the other 357_pc720 project generated ok.

Another issue is that I am not sure how you would generate the 225_kc705_fmc116 project anymore.  We did that with the old software a year ago, and do not need to regenerate it, but I dont see a TClib in the latest release.  We typically add interface logic to a copy of the TCLib reference library.  Attempting to merge or create libraries usually produces errors.

Here is the error message for the pc720_fmc116_325t project ...  (the sdf file is present)

Generating the design using StellarIP Version
Parsing 'D:\temp\311_pc720_fmc116\implement\pc720_fmc116_325t.sdf' sdf file
Library Error -2: Star library error:
    Library file: D:\temp\311_pc720_fmc116\star_lib\4DSPmain.TCLib
Could not parse 'D:\temp\311_pc720_fmc116\implement\pc720_fmc116_325t.sdf' using library 'D:\temp\311_pc720_fmc116\star_lib\4DSPmain.TCLib'
    SDF Error -11: Unable to allocate memory for wormhole data
Finished StellarIP generation with error(s)

Dear Chris Nichols
I've send you an e-mail on the address that is in your forum profile, to provide you with some personal data that will probably solve your problem.


Remco Boom
StellarIP Software Engineer at 4DSP.
Dear Chris Nichols:

Concerning your question about constellation 225:

Convert the DSN:
* Open the dsn file that is in the implement folder and allow StellarIP to convert and move it.
* From now on you can use the dsn file directly in the constellation folder.
* Close the design

Import the XML library:
* Click menu File -> Import legacy library
* Browse to 225_kc705_fmc116\star_lib\library.xml
* Choose a name for the TCLib library that is to be created (the default is "ImportedLibrary", but any name will do)
* Wait for the process to finish by telling you that is "Successfully finished importing"

Open the design:
* Re-Open the design the design (the one directly in the constellation folder)
* It will ask you if you want to load the local library: Answer YES.
* Press Generate.
* Everything is as you know it from there on.

To merge TCLib Library A into library B:
* Select library A in the Star Picker
* Click menu Library -> Merge
* Select the master library B, that you want to merge into
* Click Compare
* Choose which differing stars/wormhole you want to merge into the master library
* Click Merge

The Help files of StellarIP are still under development, but already contain quite some more information concerning these kinds of issues.
Details and examples about import and generate are in the Help file that you have.
StellarIP version (the latest version) also contains a Help section about library merging.

I hope this anwers most of your question


Remco Boom

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