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missing files in ml605_fmc126 firmeware folder


I follow the "FMC126 Reference Firmeware For ML605" pdf file and I remark there are some missing files and the folder structure is different.

I attach to this post, the folder structure expected and the folder structure that I have.

My "output" folder is empty and plus ISE project files of the constellation are missing. I only have stars ISE project files.

I try to re-extract the firmware but the situation is the same.

Best regards,


Dear Sir,

That's indeed correct. The firmware is delivered as a "Stellar IP" firmware. A GUI is delivered along with the BSP where you can simply browse to the sdf file contained by the implement folder. The sdf file is the actual top level description and StellarIP will create the ISE project for you based on your ISE version.

You can find some more details in the 4FM Getting Started Guide, there is a whole chapter covering StellarIP.

Best Regards,
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