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4FM Get Started, Modelsim and Xilinx

I am going through the 4FM_Get_Started_Guide_WinXP.pdf
I am at section 2.5 for Modelsim - bullet 1. This directs modifying the modelsim.ini file to update 6 different paths to help configure modelsim.
I have Modelsim SE-64 10.2a (Rev 2013.03) installed along with ISE 14.4.

My problem is that I do not have the paths mentioned in this bullet point on my file system.
I have C:\Xilinx\14.4\ISE_DS_ISE\vhdl\.
The vhdl\ directory does not contain 'mti_se\' directory. It contains hdlMacro, hdp, src and xst directories. And none of these directories contain the secureip file or directory.

Am I missing something ? Or should the paths be something different ?

Thank You,

Dear sir/madam,
Can you please advice us on the above issue ?

Thank you.
[font=Verdana]Dear Sir,[/font]

Is your product still under warranty. I am sorry buy you have been inactive for 6 months; 4DSP is now using ISIM.

The issue you are facing is not directly related to Modelsim but more related on simple usage of Modelsim, how to configure path in modelsim, how to compile the library for Xilinx.

You can get in touch with Xilinx/Mentor in order to get support around Modelsim integaration in the Xilinx tools.

Dear Arnaud,
I think the product is under warranty. We bought it around June 2013.
The 4FM_Get_Started_Guide_WinXP guide provided by 4DSP mentions using modelsim and provides instructions on simulation. It was not our choice.
Shouldnt you then be able to guide us with the instructions because the initial instructions in the guide itself do not seem to be accurate ?
If you have new instructions/guide using ISIM, I would not mind using those either.


Dear Arnaud,
Any updates on the getting started documentation with ISIM ?
Alternately additional information on configuring the modelsim.ini file would be helpful.
Thank You.
Dear Sir,

Our new BSP has documentation and flow to run ISIM indeed, you should get in touch with your sales channel in order to get a new BSP. And this will be free of charge is the warranty associated with the software is not expired (there is a 90 days warranty on the software/firmware and 365 days warranty on the hardware). You can also purchase a maintenance/support contracts in your warranty has expired.

I quickly checked Xilinx documentation and I found that modelsim 10.2a is not supported by ISE 14.4 ( This is the first thing to check.

I don't why Xilinx ISE 14.4 coupled with modelsim did not generate the libraries correctly, this is something Xilinx/Mentor could tell. The training material was made for an older ISE version, probably around 11 or 12 so you simply cannot expect to have the design working on new ISE versions. It can be as simple as secureip not existing in recent ISE? Once again we don't know we are not using modelsim anymore.

Configuring the modelsim.ini file is also something you should check with mentor, this is something possible if you hold legit licenses for it.

Best Regards,

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