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FMC 176 reference design for the VC707

I am currently using the PC720 with a FMC 176 for my data collection needs.  However due to PC administrator rights issues with the company it is difficult to get the sufficient premissions to be able to configure the PCIe settings.  I would like to target a VC707 card for doing new firmware development and utilize it's ethernet connection, which would help to bypass the PC adminstrator rights problems.  Does 4DSP have a reference design with this VC707 w/ FMC176 combination? I would like to try and move forward quickly with this if possible.
Thank You,
Ben Andrews

Dear Ben,

The problem is about Windows Vista and above. Windows decided that any output device besides a printer (Ethernet, PCI, etc) is potentially dangerous. For both Ethernet (NDIS, low level packet manipulation) and PCI a driver is required and therefor administrative rights are required.

Your best bet is to have a machine in your lab not governed by your IT people, a simple machine not connected on to the company domain, this is what many of our customers are doing.

Best Regards,
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