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FMC108 on partially populated FMC HPC interface

Dear Madam or Sir,

We are currently working on porting a diagnostic to a series 7 board. One of the possibilities we have is the VC707 Evaluation kit, which we would like to use to have two of the FMC108 ADC operate in parallel on the same FPGA. However according to the User Guide of the board the HPC connectors are only partially populated.

page 58ff:

We currently employ the FMC 108 on the ML605 which also has a partially populated FMC HPC connector and it works fine here, however the second FMC connector on the VC707 board is even less fully populated than on the ML605

(check page 58ff : [font=Verdana][size=78%][url=][/url][/size][/font])

Hence my question is, whether the ADC will still work correctly with such a partially populated port, and if so, what is the minimum of populated pins needed for full operation capability of the ADC(s)?

Thanks in advance.

Dear Sir,

As far as VC707 is concerned, FMC108 on HPC1 and FMC104 on HPC2 is what you will get at best, so 12 channels.

You can also have a look at FMC116, this would give you 16 channels but its half of the sampling speed.

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Thank you for the quick reply.

What is the minimum number of populated pins necessary for the FMC108, if I may ask?

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Hello Again,

We do not have this information directly available. What we provide to our customers is a FMC pinout and signal description in the FMC10x user manual and you can obtain VC707 schematic from Xilinx. FMC108+FMC108 is not supported on VC707 we do tell however, FMC108+FMC104 can be done. Note that an FMC108 can be used in FMC104 mode.

This is of course focused on our own reference designs which operate the board fully.

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