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FMC104 Analog Signals and Front End Schematics

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[size=3][font=calibri]We have recently purchased 3F104-2-1-1-1 (FMC104) through BittWare, which they purchased from you directly. I see in the user manual that the analog signal level is 2Vp-p (10dBm).[/font][/size]
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[size=3][font=calibri]Our RF engineers need to interface to these analog channels and would like to know the maximum signal level they can handle and not just the full-scale range of the ADC. Please can you let us know this information, thanks?[/font][/size]
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[size=3][font=calibri]If you can also send us the schematics of the FMC104 front end that would also be useful for our receiver design, thanks.[/font][/size]
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[size=3][font=calibri]I look forward to hearing back from you shortly.[/font][/size]

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Dear Adam,

The support should normally provided by bitware, they are value added re-sellers and therefor should provide their customer with technical support.

I had to check around the sales channel to know whether or not you can be supported by us directly and in some extend you can.

The answer to your question is:

3Vpp, 35mA is the absolute maximum rating.

The schematics are not available to public, sorry to deny your request about that.

Best Regards,
Hi Arnaud,

Thanks, this will help our RF design team. No worries about the schematics.

Kind Regards,

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