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FMC108 AD9510 signals

  I am not seeing any clocks to the ADC chips from the AD9510.

The AD9510 is programmed over SPI with the values found in 111_ml605_fmc108\star_lib\sip_fmc108\vhdl\v6\xilinx\AD9510_int.coe
Reading back the values shows that the registers are set as expected.

The status signal  AD9510_STATUS_0 reads as high.
AD9510_FUNCTION_0, VCO_PWR_EN_0 and REF_INT_N_EXT_0 are all driven high.

But the ADC chip clocks don't appear to be active.
Have I missed a signal or missed a procedure to bring up the clocks? The FMC108 works with the reference firmware so it's not a hardware problem.

Dear Sir,

You wont see clocks before you configure the chip. The coe only brings the chip alive, then the software does extra writing to configure the divider, PLL loop, etc. Check file fmc10x_clocktree.cpp in the software source code.

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