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FMC 104 Monitor ADC

[font=helvetica][size=medium]I'm trying to figure out how the monitor ADC on the FMC-104 is to be used.[/size][/font]
The example code from FMC Board Support Package/Refs/Software/FMC10x/Libs/FMC10x/Impls/fmc10x_monitor.cpp has:
16 int FMC10x_monitor_getdiags(unsigned long bar_mon)
42    //Control configuration 1
43    WriteSystemRegister(bar_mon-0x10000+0x14818, 0x2D);
44    //Control configuration 3
45    Sleep(100);
46    WriteSystemRegister(bar_mon-0x10000+0x1481A, 0x10);
47    Sleep(100);

Line 46 looks suspicious to me.  The ADT7411 documentation says that bit C3 should always be a 1.  Shouldn't line 46 actually write a 0x18 to configuration register 3?
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