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FMC107 EEPROM & Schematics

I have to questions concerning the FMC107:

For what is the EEPROM on the card used? Contains it the register values for the Clock-chip & the ADCs?

It would also help if anyone can provide me the schematics of the FMC107 card?

The EEPROM is defined by the FMC standard. It contains things like manufacturer infos, power requirements, etc.. The chipset is configured by a software in our reference design.
The schematics are not public domain, you would need to get a NDA in place in roder to obtain that. Normally all the information required is in the user manual so let me know if there are extra information you need.
Best Regards,
Hello Arnaud,

thanks for your fast reply!

Since we use Handel-C for FPGA programming i use your reference design only as a reference.  :)

Okay but independent from this, the result is that it is not possible at all to change the registers of the ADCs on the FMC107?
So it is not possible to set a gain or what would be more important for me, to enable the output of the test patterns?

Anyway it would be nice to get the schematics, a NDA should not be a problem for us.


Hello Thomas,
The FMC107 is a LPC card and there is indeed no SPI connections to the ADC chip.
We have a custom ordering option which workarounds this issue. You might want to ask more details from the sales persons in 4DSP.
You can discuss the NDA story with them also!
Best Regards,
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