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FMC104 External Clock Mode

Dear Sir,
I would like to configure the AD9510 PLL to use external clock of 250MHz.
So I had written a VHDL code on writing a the SPI commands to AD9510. (I am using ML605)
SPI Commands send is based on registers table of the AD9510 and it is generated using the AD9510 Evaluation Software (file.stp).

But it seems that it is not working.
Then in theĀ  user manual (pg 12) i saw that we had to contact you if we using external clock.

So can you advise?
Do you have any vhdl or verilog code that can configure the AD9510 SPI?
And also why Is there only signal pin AD9510_Sdata in FMC104?
I am writing spi data through this pin.
If I would like to read out, there is no Serial out(SDO) from FMC104.
Is there any choice of reading out the register data?

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Hello Alex,

Our reference design contains firmware to configure the AD9510 through SPI. Both the reference firmware and reference software have this programming capabilities.

The AD9510 supports 3-wire more for SPI that you should used for read back.

Best regards,
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