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FMC110 & Z706 (2nd time I guess)

I wanted to continue the discussion from the other thread.
What specifically limits the full use of the Z706 with the card? A guy mentioned that one of the DAC channels is not available. Which one? A or B? he stated none of the ADC channels are availabe?
Does this mean the ADC channels or the DAC channel are not internally routed from within the Zc706 board fmc site onto the FPGA (the constraint files don't seem to indicate so, so what gives?). I wish it was a bit elaborated more, as to why the 110 will not work with the Zynq board.
Is it even possible just to operate one of the DAC channels? Which one? is there any special considerations that must be taken when considering using this DAC with the zynq board?
I would appreciate a bit of the reason to why as we were thinking of using the SoC platform to do our some of our control & config logic.
thanks ahead.


The ZC706 has got a HPC FMC connector but it is not a fully populated HPC connector.
If you open the ZC706 user guide:
from page 65 you will read that only a subset of the HPC is connected. For that reason, no ADC channels and a single DAC channel is supported of the FMC110.
Please refer to the FMC110 User Manual, appendix A to correlate which signals of the FMC110 connect to the Zynq device.
The supported DAC channel is DAC A: connector 'B' on the frontpanel.
We don't deliver a standard reference design for the ZC706 because of the lack of support for the ADCs and second DAC channel. Therefore you will have to implement the FMC110 ZC706 FPGA support yourself.

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