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FMC Fan Cooling

Dear sir,
I'm using FMC110 with VC707 and I think that I need a fan for cooling ADC, DACs. because they get very hot. Is there a manual to build fan to FMC110 or could you offer a configuration for adding fan. (also for adding fan to FMC 150 with KC705 )
Also, is FMC150 complatible with VC707? could I use FMC110 and FMC 150 together on VC707 FMC ports?

Dear Sir,

Yes, you need some cooling, this is specified by the user manual of every board, a proper cooling should be in place in order to not damage the hardware.

We don't have much guidelines as this is really integration specific, in our facilities we use computer fans blowing directly on the hardware and in our integration project we use conduction cooling.

Old FMC150 are not supported on VC707 but new one are, if you provide me with your FMC150 serial number I can verify whether or not your FMC150 would work fine on VC707.

The VC707 has two FMC sites but they are not fully populated. You can check with the VC707 user manual and schematics and FMC150/FMC110 pinout in their user manual in order to understand if this combo would work or not.

Best Regards,
Dear Arnaud,
Yes, we can also use a fan in a safe case, and for fan source, we can use the sources on FMCs and are they 5v sources? and could we control the fan power according to the temperature?
Our FMC 150 (we got with KC705 board) has serial no: KDGX 003079 (other no: K1335 32307-065) and also it is writen FMC 150 r2.1 on board, is it compatible with VC707?
Thank you
Burak Bilge
Dear Burak,

Revision 2.1 supports VC707 yes.

Any soldering would void the warranty and therefor I am reluctant to provide you with this information. You would need to get FAN headers mounted on the board by us.

Best Regards,
Thank you, Arnaud
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