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ADC/DAC registers of FMC110

I am using FMC110 with ml605, configuring the FMC via Ethernet and everything is working fine. Now as a next step, i want to configure ADC/DAC directly via FPGA by setting register values in the verilog programming. Can anoyone please help me by indicating the ADC/DAC registers in reference design or by informing me that in which sub-module these registers are located.

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Could you let me know which reference design you are using?

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i am using ref design for ml605 board.
Is it the 4DSP or Avnet design?
its a 4DSP design
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4DSP design have a ROM Init portion using Xilinx core, there you can set other default value. You can check star_lib\sip_fmc110\vhdl\v7\xilinx\ads5400_init_mem

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Consider the attached document's page 18. A serial register map is mentioned. In my current design these values are set or the register configuration is sent via Ethernet. I want to make this register independent of Ethernet by setting these values internally in VHDL/verilog code.As far as i can understand these register values can be pinned in the module fmc110_ads5400_ctrl.vhd. Please suggest if i can do so.
My understanding of the code is,
out_reg_addr: It is the address index
out_reg_val : Enable input for writing the register
out_reg        : It is the value to be written in the register
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Documenting the low level aspect of the firmware line by line is not covered by standard technical support so do modifications on the reference.

You can also try to to simulate the design to help understanding.

Lastly, please consider my ROM Init scheme. You can modify the values and use coregen to recompile the netlist. (.coe, .mif .xco).

If you need extra training or help for modifying the reference design, please contact

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