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FMC110 VC707

I'm trying to run the reference design for the FMC110 on the VC707 board and I get an error with Impact that says the idcode from the device does not match the idcode in the bsdl file.  Not sure what this means.
Are there instructions for running this reference design on the board somewhere?


Dear Sir,
Pretty strange, such errors might be because too old impact/ise, etc.. Or because the chain integrity is not good.
The 4FM Getting Started Guide describes the steps on ML605, but the same steps can be followed for VC707.
Best Regards,
Thank you for your reply - the problem turns out that I had an XM105 adapter board plugged into the 2nd FMC slot and it was interfering with the configuration.
Hi Arnaud,
I'm trying to run the FMC110app with the VC707; the CID is read correctly but then the onboard monitors fail and the message "could not detect FMC110 hardware" appears.  Is there a jumper somewhere I'm missing?  Impact does 'see' the cpld and the power led on the FMC110 is blue.
Arnaud -
My bad - I put the FMC110 in the same slot on the VC707 as I had been used to using on the ML605.  It works fine when it is put into the correct slot!
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