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We had FMC110 + ML605,and we would like to capture the signal by FMC110 through PCI-Express bus.

After that, we add some algorithms [size=1][color=#a52a2a](C language program;created by Microsoft Visual Studio 2010) [/color][/size]to process our data

and then convert it to analog and send it back through PCI-E and DAC.

I have no experience on driving this board or using the software, but we need it as a tool to capture the signal.

There are so many documents and it also confuses me. I am not sure which one is suitable for me.

Would you please give me some advices or some instructions for my need?

Or if there is any other solutions, please let me know.

Thanks for your kind help.

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Dear Sir,

The FMC110 PCIe package is a paid option, you cannot do that with the default reference design. The default reference design is using Ethernet to offload/upload samples.

The default reference design actually configures the DAC, and the ADC in a way you can sample DAC samples using loopback connector on the FMC card.

Maybe you want to check that first of all? As far as PCIe is concerned, you will need to contact Note that the PCIe software application is same as the Ethernet application so you can safely start working on the Ethernet reference design and then switch to PCIe as soon you purchase the right firmware from us.

Best Regards,

Dear Arnaud

Thanks for your reply.And I have another few questions.

The first one is:Is it possible to modify the reference design myself

so that I can use the PCI-E as the interface?

Or maybe it takes time to learn and you may suggest me to use

the default reference design.

2:If I decide to use the reference design(Ethernet) first, and as I mentioned

above that my algorithm is written in C language through Microsoft Visual studio.

How can I combine my program with the reference design.

That is, to put the ethernet reference design in my program.

Therefore, I could work my program with FMC110+ML605 capturing the data in real-time mode.

Thanks again for your patience.

1) Well, PCIe in FPGA is not something trivial, unless you know what you are doing you should not take that path (you might spend months on that). I would recommend you to get in touch with [email][/email] and purchase FMC110 on ML605 with PCIe firmware. You will get something ready to use.
2) Our reference design is a C application for Visual Studio also, merging two code base should not be that hard.
Best Regards,
Dear Arnaud

Thanks your suggestion.

I think it's better to purchase the PCI-E firmware.

So I will use the default firmware first.

I would like to make sure again that if I want to use PCI-e firmware near future.

Is that easy for this kind of change? Is it similar to the default one?

So if I plan to use the default firmware now.

Is there any document that I need to read first to understand how it work?

it might be necessary to understand it before I merge them.

Please give me some advice, thank you so much!

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