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Ethapi readblock timeout


We need to acquire data when a trigger is detected.
For now, we use the readblock Ethapi function to read data from the board but the timeout delay of this function is too short.
Indeed, the read fails when the trigger does not come quickly.
Is it possible to modify the timeout delay of this function?

Best regards

Dear Sir,

The only way to change the timeout value is to recompile the API. I believe the timeout is hard coded to 5 seconds (which is very long in the hardware world already).

We do not provide the source code to customers generally. You can look at the sip_mac_engine star documentation. The documentation covers all the in/out packets so in this respect you can implement a scheme with timeout yourself.

You can also contact and ask them is there is a way to obtain ethapi source code, this might be possible if the volume is sufficient.

Best Regards,
Thank you for your answer.
I'm going to read the sip_mac_engine documentation.

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