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FMC110 Ref Design for ml605 not working

We have recently ordered new ml605 boards which have VerE on them. The ref firmware design of FMC110 is not working with the new boards. The Ethernet leds dosent blink after dumping of the bit file to ml605 board.
The ethernet on other hand is working fine with other xilinx test firmwares.

Help needed. Does ref design of FMC110 changes with VerE kits ? is there any update in the FMC110 design w.r.t VerE kits?


Dear Sir,

We are not aware about any crucial differences on RevE kit, besides differences around the DDR3 memory size on the board. Maybe there is something different, you will also need to contact Xilinx to get answer to these questions.

If you don't get PHY LEDs, then the PHY is still under reset. We have fixed the host interface code in this respect but the ML605-FMC110 firmware was never rereleased.

You will need to recompile the firmware by replacing the files posted to this topic. I am also adding another ML605 bit file for another FMC product which have the fix implemented. You can then first upload the bit file and then put the FMC150 one, this will make sure the PHY is initialized.

Please give that a try as verification and report back to me.

First use impact to load 363_ml605_fmc168.bit, then directl load the fmc150 firmware, that should work.

Thank you!

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Thanks for the help Arnaud . My code now works after changing the mac files in FMC core.
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