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fmc112 configuration

Dear Arnaud

I noticed a weird problem on FMC112.
I'm using chipscope to verify the signals in my design. I apply a pulse signal (with 800mV-pp, for example) to one of the channels, and verify the chipscope data, I notice that sometime the internal signal (output of fmc stellar) is getting saturated and tolerates between 8191 to -8192.

I'm using fmc112 stellar IP as you provided without any change. Do you have any idea, what might be the problem?
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Dear Karen,

We have seen many times customers reporting strange issues after adding chipscope in their design. I am not saying this is the reason but could you please try to reproduce that on our default reference design (non modified firmware and software). The software will create ASCII data buffer one can visualize in Visual Analog, a tool you can obtain free of charge from ADI from their website.

Do you have a DC coupled board? If I understand your report, you are using a square signal ranging between 0V and 800mV and you see that the ADC input seems to randomly "vibrate" across full scale (0-1-0-1-0)? How wide is your pulse?

Best Regards,
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