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FMC112 circuit shematic required

[font=verdana]Dear Sir,[/font]

We had purchased FMC112 daughter card one year back. Now we are trying to work in FMC112 board.  We require the schematic diagram of the FMC112.

Please provide us the same.

Santu Ghosh

Dear Santu,

Your warranty period has expired. You will need to purchase a support contract in the hope of getting support on that product, please get in touch with our sales representative in India about that.

To answer your question directly, we do not provide board schematics because they are not evaluation board, they are proprietary designs owned by 4DSP. Normally all the information required is available spread across hardware used guides, firmware documentation as well as software documentation.

Now if you have some specific questions we will be glad to answer these.


Dear Santu,

Have your question been answered and can we close this topic?

Best regards,
This topic is being closed because the issue is considered as resolved by 4DSP. Feel free to create a new topic for any further inquiries.