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How to add custom registers in FMC112 star

Dear Sir,

We want to achieve certain functionality using FMC112 star, which needs some custom registers to be implemented inside FMC112 star logic so that those can be made visible in FMC112 star register map and can be written through command (same as all other FMC112 registers).

So, pls. let us know how to proceed. ASAP.

Thanks & regards,
Chetan Patil

Dear Chetan,

the FMC reference design is delivered to you as a source code design. You will find the sources local to the constellation top level file in the folder:

Commands are distributed to a star over the command bus and you will find a clear example of receiving commands in the file
for example.

Best regards,
Dear Erik,

Thanks for your reply.

We will go through fmc112_ctrl.vhd logic, and let you know in case of any issue in adding custom registers.

Thanks & Regards,
Chetan Patil.
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