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Required steps to create StellarIP Command to AXI-Lite Conversion

Dear Sir,

We want to interface FMC112 IP Block (sip_fmc112) to AXI bus. We refered to "AN002 Tutorial: StellarIP Interface to AXI" document and from that we understand, to do this we need three conversion entities given below.

1. stellarcmd_to_axilite.vhd => StellarIP Command to AXI-Lite
2. axistream_to_whin.vhd => Wormhole Input to AXI-Stream Slave
3. whout_to_axistream.vhd => Wormhole Output to AXI-Stream Master

We have created conversion entity 2 & 3 by referring "AN001 Tutorial: Axis to StellarIP Interface" document.

We are unable to create entity 1 i.e. stellarcmd_to_axilite.vhd as we do not have any document describing the steps to create StellarIP Command to AXI-Lite Conversion.

So, pls. provide us the same OR provide us the source files to do this conversion.

Thanks & Regards,
Chetan Patil.
Design Enginner.

Waiting for your reply. ASAP.


Please refer to AN002, section 3.3 for the StellarIP command to AXI lite conversion.  This section should help you through when creating the stellarcmd_to_axilite.vhd entity.

Best regards,
Ingmar van Klink
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