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FMC112 board interfacing to Microblaze on ML605 board

Dear Sir,

We have purchased the FMC112 card and also tested the provided reference firmware design associated with Xilinx virtex-6 based ML605 Board. This firmware collects the ADC data and send it to host PC through Ethernet interface. In this case "sip_mac_engine star" is acting as the command master, which is providing clock, reset & commands to other stars.

Now our requirement is to send ADC data to host PC using an Ethernet TCP/IP interface running on Microblaze processor. For this purpose we understand that we need to replace "sip_mac_engine star" with "microblaze processor star" which will act as command master and communicate with host PC.

But we do not have any reference document, where we can find "how to create "microblaze processor star" ?" and include it into stellar IP design so as to generate top level firmware. pls. let us know how to proceed ?.

So, pls. provide us the same or equivalent steps to achieve the requirement.

Dear Sir,

We do not have such microblaze star handy, sorry for that. The reference document is the "4FM Getting Started Guide" explaining how to use StellarIP and create custom stars.

We do not document the step of replacing the sip_mac_engine star with a microblaze star, this is the integrator's job, we do however explain how to create a custom star connected to AXI (AN001_KC705_FMC104_AXI_FFTcore_tutorial.pdf).

You can also decide to contact and order a microblaze based design for your own need but you should expect NRE costs.

Best Regards,
Dear Sir,

Thanks for your reply.

Stellar IP tool star library shows "sip_ml605_host_if" star. We tried to use it and build the top level firmware, but it failed to generate. In star_lib folder we searched for its document, but it was not available.

We think that "sip_ml605_host_if" star could be useful for us.

So, pls. provide us the same.

Thanks & regards,
Chetan Patil.
Dear Chetan,

Sorry for the late answer, we have never received notification to this post. The ml605_host_if is a PCIe engine and does not come free of charge. Please contact for more information.

Best Regards,
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