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How to transfer data from FMC116 to PC directly?

[font=calibri]Hello everyone,[/font]
[font=calibri]I have a FMC116 board and a VC707 FPGA board. I have interfaced the FMC116 to VC707. I used a chipscope to observe the samples sampled from a sinusoidal wave and the results showed that the FMC116 worked very well. [/font]
[font=calibri]The next thing I need to do is to retrieve data from FMC116 and write the data into a file (like a text file or data file) on PC, just like what is done when evaluating the FMC116 with the reference design. But I don’t know how to transfer data from FMC116 to the PC directly. Could anyone give me some help? [/font]
[font=calibri]Sincerely Yours,[/font]
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Dear Sir,

Our reference design acquire samples through a data wormhole. These packets are transferred over Ethernet to the host computer. The software running on the host computer is creating the files.

I assume this is what you need to implement on your firmware. This should be achievable as you have the whole firmware source code and the software source code.

Best Regards,
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