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StellarIP crashes when selecting Generate


I tried to generate an ISE Project inside Stellar IP
I opend vc707_fmc126.dsn

Active ISE binary path is set to:
I copied the Project Folder to a writeable Location as we don't work with admin rights, so there is no write Access to the Program Folder.

When I run StellarIP>Generate,
Stellar IP Application Closes without any notice.

When I restart StellarIP reports:
StellarIP recovered from a Crash

Logfile is set to: (Verbose Everything)
<20141205 16:39:08>ERR|There is no library selected in the Star Picker

Did I miss something?

Best regards

Dear Schleifer,

The log file message "There is no library selected in the Star Picker" was spot on.
I've been able to reproduce the crash and I've seen that the error gets handled in the wrong way.

The star picker is the toolbar on the left side of the StellarIP window.
Under "Libraries:" there's a list of the currently loaded libraries.

If there are no libraries loaded in the star picker, please go, at the top of the window, to menu Library -> Manage
Click the "Add" button and browse for the TCLib file and then close the library manager.
Now the library should have been loaded in the star picker.

Make sure the library in the star picker is selected by checking the checkbox next to it.
After that Generate should work.

We will fix the crash in the next release of StellarIP.
I hope I've answered your questions.


Remco Boom
StellarIP Developer
Dear Philip,

Was the information sufficient, I assume you are able to move forward? Let me know if you have something to add, I will close this topic in 24 hours if this is not the case.

Best Regards,
Hello Remco, Arnauld,

thank you for this Information. I found a 4DSPmain.TCLib in 419_kc705_fmc104_xfft\star_lib but not in 244_vc707_fmc126\star_lib.

It does not crash any more.

Best regards,

Thanks for the feedback Philipp!

Yes some design are still legacy. You can check the 4FM Getting Started Guide there is a chapter about importing legacy StellarIP design and this is chapter 8.

I am closing this topic and feel free to open any new topic if you need to do so. Note that after importing your legacy library (library.xml) you can merge two libraries with each other.

Best Regards,
This topic is being closed because the issue is considered as resolved by 4DSP. Feel free to create a new topic for any further inquiries.