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unable to generate files using Stellar ip

while opening the design provided using Stellarip and generating files using Ctrl+G following messages appeared.

Unable to open the following sip_core info file: C:\Program Files (x86)\4dsp\Common\Firmware\Extracted\400_kc705_trainmat\star_lib\sip_fmc126\sip_files\sip_fmc126_v7.nfo

Could not parse 'C:\Users\xwu13\244_vc707_fmc126\implement\vc707_fmc126.sdf' using library 'C:\Program Files (x86)\4dsp\Common\Firmware\Extracted\400_kc705_trainmat\star_lib\4DSPmain.TCLib'

    SDF Error -20: Could not get SIP core info

Please help me with this error !!!
Thank you


You are using the wrong library.. You should use .TCLib file from the FMC126 firmware in order to compile the FMC126 firmware.

I hope that helps,
I copied C:\4dsp\Common\Firmware\Extracted\089_ml605_fmc126 to another folder.
I opened the 4dsp\Common\Firmware\Extracted\089_ml605_fmc126 that is copied to new folder.
Inside this I got no .TCLib files.I again opened the original folder too but I found no /Tclib file there.

Is any thing wrong with the installation ?

Thank you

This is covered by 4FM Getting Started Guide manual, chapter 8, "Importing StellarIP legacy design and libraries"


The design entry was different in earlier StellarIP versions; the libraries were in xml format and the
design descriptions were ASCII files with an sdf extension. On the new StellarIP the libraries are in
tclib format and the design description is a schematic design with a dsn extension.
This chapter describes the steps required to convert a legacy design into a design fully supported by
the new stellarIP versions.

This will allow you to convert .sdf to .dsn and to convert .xml to .tclib!

Best Regards,
I did everything following the chapter 8 but got this error message after trying to generate the files.

Input Error: No Target FPGA selected
Unable to generate SDF
Generate failed

But..As we are using this file just for a training and we dont have the current FPGA board, how should we solve this problem ?

Thank you


Then you have to choose a Target FPGA, as explained by the software.. Open the DSN you want, go to the "Design" menu and choose "Design Details". There select ML605, the FPGA Name and FPGA Type.

You will then be able to generate the design.

Best Regards,
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