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Simultanious Sampling Readout Fifos

I have a problem when trying to read out all four fifos after simultanious sampling event. When i set the offload signal bevor triggering i can readout the data of one fifo. Hoever wenn I first send a trigger and afterwards set the router and the offload signal( or try to read out the second fifo) the readout fails after timeout.
I also recognized that with the second aproche data is loaded into the bufferfifo of the mac_engine. But there is one Element less in the data_fifo (bevor the readout command) as if i use the first aproche with offload signals and router set bevor triggering.

Could you please explain why i have to set the router and offload signals bevor triggering. Or explain to me why the mac_enginge won't react to the read command when trigger first and than set router and offload.

Regads Robert

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Dear Robert,

This is a side effect of the router star implementation, the router star will discard data coming from an input not connected to an output. When you send a trigger you get samples on all the four FIFOs.

Only the FIFO connected to an output through the router will keep its data.

The router firmware source code will need to be modified in order to keep its data. It is a very simple module, you should be able to modify that easily.

Best Regards,
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