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FMC126 and DKXC5VMOD-1

Dear sir
My Purpose is to convert some analog signals into digital data which I wanna see in some display device like my own PC.
For this I bought FMC126 and FPGA board DKXC5VMOD-1(Virtex 5)  which doesn't have Ethernet Port. I am a very beginner to all of this.

I read discussions her in this support Forum and I found out that there are reference designs that we can upload to out board and use it.
But sadly, there are no reference firmware for my board DKXC5VMOD-1 board and I dont even know if these two can be used together or not.

What should I do to work with these board ? Do I h ave to design my own Firmware ? Is it possible to design Firmware since I am so beginner and I don't even know all about StellarIP and all those Portings and all.

In documentation it has been discussed about StellarIP, then ISE suite and then C++ programming. How are these all related for the single design ?
Please help me in this matter. I just need to convert some analog signals to digital signals for my experiment.

Thank you

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Dear Sir
Thank you so much for your Reply.
Our Project team (university students) have decided to go for the help with your reference design
for our specific board if the NRE cost as mentioned would be reasonable.
So please let us know how much would be the NRE cost for the purpose.
Thank you
Dear Dipen,

The usual way to proceed in such case would be to procure one of the Xilinx board supported by our reference design, get acquainted to our reference design and then port this design to your board.

We have no experience with the specific board you are targeting. 4DSP might be able to provide you with a reference design for this board. Then we would need to target board and you should expect some NRE costs.

Do you want me to get you in touch with one of our sales engineers?

Best Regards,