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FMC126 on VC707


Did anyone have success in executing Fmc12xApp.exe for FMC126 on VC707 board? I am using the reference bit file and get pattern check errors on ADC1 and ADC2 (first ADC seems to work well), and the fourth ADC doesn't seem to work at all (ADC D Phy clock is 0). I have connected the FMC126 to FMC HPC1 and use internal clock.

Is there maybe some mismatch in the UCF file? (just a guess)

Thanks in advance!


Dear Philip,
Sorry to hear about your issues with our hardware. Part of our test procedure is the bit file test on the actual hardware so I would not suspect the bit file yet.
Can you confirm you are actually cooling the FMC126? As per the user guide, it is important to have a proper airflow. On our side we are using small computer fans pointing towards the FMC126.
Do you have a FMC126 hardware revision 2.0? Old hardware revisions are not operating well on VC707.
Best Regards,
Hey Arnaud,

Thanks for your quick response. I can confirm that proper cooling is ensured, tested the same setup successfully on ML605. And the label on the package says FMC126-2-1-1-1, so I guess that's revision 2 (on the board itself is written FMC12x r2). Any other ideas what might be wrong?

With best regards,
I am trying to program FMC126 without 4FM GUI. Is there any design file availabe? And I want to know how to program the CPLD's registers?

Dear Philip,

I also use the FMC126-2-1-1-1 on a VC707 board. I did not observe any trouble with the original firmware. The console prog is called with "1 VC707 0 0 0" parameters. I use the ETHERNET link. My computer contains 2 ethernet boards, one is dedicated to the web access, the other to the vc707. I only found minor bugs in the console prog Fmc12xApp (diagnotics parsing) : in attached file, search for "!BUG!" text to locate them. Also in attached file you can check the memo detailing the results obtained. Do you obtain same console outputs ? I also modified the constellation and the UCF file to install the FMC126 on HPC2 and it also works (except adc3 due to HPC pins not routed to the FPGA). 

Maybe your ADC is broken ? 

About 4FM GUI, I cannot really answer. In my case, I have modified slightly the console prog so that all the displays are sent to a windows Form. data between console thread and WinForm use Name Shared Memory (NSM). It is more comfortable. The console has become a slave which executes commands sent by the Win Form GUI.But the code in the console remains the same.

About the CPLD programming, it is explained pages 18-19-20 of SD039 FMC126 STAR manual. See attached file for a summary. All the data are coming from 4DSP manuals and Arnaud/Erik's posts.



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