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Technical Support

[size=small][font=arial]Dear Sir,[/font][/size]
[size=small][font=arial]I have purchased a ML605 Kit along with FMC150 Card from Coreel Technologies. [/font][/size]
[size=small][font=arial]Do they ought to provide any support required for modifying the Reference design or providing the Ref. Design is their sole responsibility as from their end, I am getting no support. [/font][/size]
[size=small][font=arial]Thanks for replying,[/font][/size]

Dear Sir,

I am not sure who Coreel Technologies are. I checked your serial number and we sold that board to Avnet which probably sold it to Coreel and then finally to you.

We do provide technical support the same. We are making sure the board is working and that the user can use our reference design in order to verify figures announced by our datasheets. We provide a complete reference design with a firmware, a software and documentation. The software is quite dumb; it is simply configuring the integrated circuits as per the datasheet from the manufacturer.

We are not able to typically tell you how to change the sampling clock, what we do tell however is where integrated circuit is in charge of that and which software source file is in charge of configuring that chip. With this information and the integrated circuit literature our customers are able to integrate our FMC board into their product.

Changing the sampling clock looks easy I know, but it is a bit more complex than it appears. You will need to understand the circuitry, configure the circuitry differently. Changing sampling clock require simulating and qualifying the firmware again in most cases.

Integrating an FMC board is not as simple as modifying one line in the RTL code unfortunately.

A solution is purchasing an engineering support contract from us (or one of the VARs) and then you will have a bundle of 20 hours engineers will work for you, able to go in depth and provide you with detailed answered during your integration phase. I can get a sales person in touch with you to discuss that further if you wish!

Dear Sir,

Yes I would like to see to the contract and its details, which I can forward to my higher officials.

Kindly provide the same at the earliest.



Dear Akanksha,

I have forwarded that to a sales engineer, he will get in touch with you on the forum.

Best Regards,

I have informed our representatives at Avnet Asia of the support contract request. You should expect to be contacted by Soumitra Das or another Avnet representative shortly.

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