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Questions about DACs

I prepared two different signals in FPGA and successfully output form the 2 DACs on FMC150.
But, sometimes the signals that I assigned to be output from DAC C are output from DAC D and those for DAC D are output from DAC C.
This happens quite often.
I did not change my codes, just downloaded the same bit file to the FPGA.
Can anybody tell me why this happens?


Can you reproduce that using the reference design? Maybe modify the GenerateWaveform() function to generate different frequencies if not the case and try to run it several time. I have never seen the issue you are referring to.

Is it your own firmware? If so, I am sorry but I am not able to tell you what is wrong in your own firmware.

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I am using Xilinx Virtex 6 on ML605, and FMC150.
I have made multiple FPGA designs using Xilinx ISE.
All of them have this problem.


Are you really asking us how to debug your own firmware?

In the firmware made by 4DSP, the one shipped with our hardware we don't have this issue so it must be a problem in your own firmware and there is nothing I can do for you.

Now if you tell me the problem is in our reference design, then I will get it fixed for you.

I also see that you purchased the board from Avnet, Avnet is supposed to provide you with technical support, not 4DSP.

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This topic is being closed because the issue is considered as resolved by 4DSP. Feel free to create a new topic for any further inquiries.