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FMC150 r 2.1 Schematics

Dear Sir,

I have the schematic file for FMC150 r2.1.

Can you provide the following info :

1) Description of U9, U11, U13, U18, U19.

2) Schematic Entry Guidelines that are being followed in making the Schematic.

3) Description of components marked with 'T' & 'X'.

Thank you,



Please find the answers below:
1. Part numbers of refdesses are:
- U13: 24LC02B-I/ST
- U18 and U19: SN74LVC8T245RHL

2. We follow general schematic entry guidelines extended with guidelines defined within the company.

3. Parts with a 'T' are transformers or baluns, parts with an 'X' are MMCX connectors

Best regards,
Ingmar van Klink

Thanks for replying.

What about U9,U11,U17.


U9 and U11 are ref desses which are not assigned on the board. U17 is equal to U18.

Best regards,
Ingmar van Klink
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