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LVDS-to-LVCMOS conversion

The ADC data coming from the FMC150 through LPC is LVDS.
I want to change them to be single-ended.
Can you tell me the VHDL codes to realize this?


What is the sample rate that you want to use for the FMC150? The datasheet of the ADC notes that the maximum recommended sample rate for LVCMOS is 210MSPS and even at that rate it is not guaranteed that the data will be error free.

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Ingmar van Klink

The sampling rate is less than 100 MHz.
I used "ibufds" ( to change the differential signals (LVDS25) to the single-ended signal.
Do you think this is okay?


You should use IBUF for single-ended signals, the IBUFDS you are using is for differential signals. You should also modify the IO standard constraint in the .ucf to:
NET "<signal name>" IOSTANDARD = LVCMOS18;

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