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FMC151 Schematics

Hi Arnaud,

Can you please provide schematics for the FMC151? I'm interested in seeing where I might be able to add attenuation to the input signals to the ADC.


[b]Edit:[/b] Looking at the board, it seems like I should be able to change R1/R25 and R145/R148, but it'd be nice to see the schematics to better know what I'm doing. (At least those are 0402's compared to most of the 0201's on board. Tiny [size=1]tiny [sub]tiny[/sub][/size] components. ;))

Dear Sir,

The schematics are not available to the public. Also, keep in mind that any soldering on the board will void the warranty.

Normally such a modification should be carried on by 4DSP for the sake of our quality system in place.

You can discuss that with; They might be able to do an exception but I am not able to tell like that.

Best Regards,
Hi Arnaud,

I imagine connecting inputs that exceed the 2V[sub]pp[/sub] voltage range also voids the warranty, and I'd rather take the approach that leaves the board working (i.e. swapping R1 and R145 to accept a larger voltage range).

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