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FMC151 Drop-in Replacement for FMC150?

If I have a working FMC150 reference design running on the Zedboard and I then replace the FMC150 with an FMC151 will the FMC150 reference design still work but just have a DC-coupled output?  We do not want to switch to a different reference design if we move to the FMC151 card.  I am aware that the DC-coupled outputs are adjustable via an extra chip on the FMC151 but assuming that we do not care about adjusting the outputs is the FMC151 a simple drop-in replacement with no changes required in PC software, Zynq software, or HDL from original FMC150 reference design?

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This is the idea indeed. The offset compensation chips are on the i2c bus so the software modification to do so would be pretty straightforward. It should be a drop in replacement assuming indeed.

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