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FMC150 on Zedboard - unable to retrieve ADC data in FMC Analyzer

I am following the 4FM Getting Started Guide regarding FMC150 and the Zedboard, and runs the recovery 325_zedb_fmc150.bit file. The Fmc15xAPP.exe application samples data from the ADCs and the DACs outputs sine waves. All ok.
When I try the FMC Analyzer application, (FMC card: FMC150, Carrier: Zedboard, Interface: TCP/IP, Clock mode: Internal) and "Open Device" the FMC card information appear ok. But the "Transmit and/or Acquire Data" causes to the following message: "Unable to retrieve ADC data".
At the same time the DACs output correct programmed sine waves. Shouldn't the FMC Analyzer work with the recovery bit file?


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According to the 4FM Getting Started Document (page 27, chapter, rev 4.15), the analyzer only supports FMC150 on ML605, KC705, VP680 and PC720.

We do not have Zedboard support planned so far.

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Ok, but it seems to me that Zedboard is supported in FMC Analyzer application since you can choose Zedboard in the menu of carriers and the "open device" response is correct, and the DACs output correct frequencies... but it has some bugs...
New question;
Regarding the recovery file 325_zedb_fmc150.bit and the test application FMC15xApp.exe: Does this application use the ETHAPI API? Do you have a link to the ETHAPI documentation?
Is the source code for the FMC15xApp available?
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The software source is located under : C:\Program Files (x86)\4dsp\FMC Board Support Package\Refs\Software
The ETHAPI document is located under : C:\Program Files (x86)\4dsp\FMC Board Support Package\Documentation\doxydocthapi.chm

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