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DIP Switch on FMC150 Board


According to the schematics of FMC150 r2.1 (see [url=,2161.0.html],2161.0.html[/url]) there is a Dip Switch J17 for controlling WP/CDCE_MODE/CDCE_AUX settings, but I am not able to locate the switch on the board. So my questions are:  [list]
[li]Is J17 populated on r2.1?[/li]
[li]Can you provide me with an assembly plan of r2.1?[/li]
[/list]Thank you,

Dear Juergen,

No J17, is not populated the complete chip configuration is done by a software through the firmware during run time.

We don't have an assembly plan as soldering/modifying the board will void the warranty.

Best Regards,

Dear Arnaud,
What happens if these pins are short-circuitted? Is it possible,
to drive CDCE_MODE low, and enable configuration default on
CDCE this way? (Supposing there is no connection of the pin on LPC)
Hello Chris,

The FMC150 operation modes are given by the FMC150 user manual. Any soldering on the PCB will void the warranty.

Best Regards,
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