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Error with SDK (Zc706 and FMC 150)

Hi all,
I use the Zc706 board with the FMC150 interface.
I used the StellerIP to generate Xise project. After that I generate the bitstream and I export the project to SDK.
So, I added the HW "sip_zc706_host_if_hw_platform", I created new BSP " standalone_bsp_0" (because there is no pre-compiled bsp)  and I import the SW application "zc702_host_if". But when I compile this project an error appear to me: [left]
../src/main.c:26:28: fatal error: netif/xadapter.h: No such file or directory
compilation terminated.[/left]
make: *** [src/main.o] Erreur 1

I googling this error but I don't find anything.

Any Help please?
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I resolved it.
I added LWIP Lib and it works.

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