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FMC150 Reference Design


I am a research member of Smart Lighting Group at Boston University. We just have purchased a Avnet Virtex-6 DSP Kit including a ML605 and a FMC150.
Now I have some questions about the reference.

First what I want to do is to simply send a constant voltage value (like 1.5V) by DAC and then captured by ADC, is that possible?
What I did to modified the reference design was to select the DUC/DDC bypass mode and assign dac_din_i and  dac_din_q with constant number. However, I cannot get a constant value on ADC output. I want to know what is the problem.

I also have some other basic questions about the FMC150.

1. What is the output voltage range of DAC and input voltage range of ADC on FMC150 in the reference design?
2. Are both the 16-bit DAC data and 14-bit ADC data 2's compliment?

Many Thanks

Yan Zhuang

Dear Yan,
I think you question about the reference design should be answered by Avnet as we are supporting a different reference design, please contact your Avnet FAE.
As far as your questions are concerned:
1. The FMC150 is an AC coupled card, please consult the user manual in order to find the voltage ranges ([url=][/url])
2. This is a A/D D/A chip setting, the data format.
Best Regards,

i have purchased VC707 and FMC 150 card from coreel technologies and want some reference design so that i will be able to utilize the board.


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