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FMC150 Schematics/BOM

[font=verdana]I am missing the schematics for the versions of the FMC150 boards that I have (r2.0 and r2.1). I only could find an old version of the schematic (r1.1).[/font]
Where can I find these schematic and BOM files?

Side issue: Why can't I search this forum? There is no search box unless I'm signed out, and if I try to go to [font=verdana][url=][/url][/font], it says "[font=verdana]You are not allowed to search for posts in this forum."[/font]


Dear David,

The search function is disabled for confidentiality reason. There are much more than what you see on the public areas, there are many private areas =, one per customer where sometimes confidential information is disclosed. We disabled the search function in order to protect our customers. Only moderators/admins are allowed to search. Same goes with email addresses, only moderators/admins are able to see those.

As far as the FMC150 schematics are concerned, see the attachment. The 2.1 is not an official one, just generated it for you.

Best Regards,
Hi Arnaud,

Thanks for the schematics.

I understand that some areas of the forum may contain confidential information. I just wanted to be able to search the FMC150 board, not the entire forum.

Hi Arnaud,

A couple minor requests...

1) The v2.0 schematic is not text-searchable. Can you fix this?

2) The v2.1 schematic is searchable but is not in color. The color is quite helpful in differentiating the components, signal names, and pin numbers. Can you fix this?
A change log between revision numbers would also be helpful.

there are actually no differences that are a concern from the user perspective. The schematics are provided as is.

Best regards,
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