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Frequencies higher than 1-2 GHz

Hi everybody,

Does anybody know how to generate frequencies higher than 1-2 GHz with the FMC176?
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The AD9517-1 clock generator has an on-chip VCO that goes up to 2650Mhz. Please use the Fmc176APP software to configure the clock generator for maximum output frequency. If you want sampling clocks above 2650MHz, you'll have to provide an external sampling clock to the board.

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In addition to the first reply I would like to point you to the DAC datasheet. The DAC supports Dual-Edge sampling and x2 interpolation operation. If you configure the DAC this way, the output range from 1GHz to 2GHz falls within the 1st Nyquist zone.

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Can we use the internal clk and run in mixed mode?
If we could reach the 2nd or 3rd Nyquist region without using an external
device we'd be perfectly fine...
On monday we'll test this strategy.
If you have a suggestion let us know.
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Yes, you can use the internal clock and run in Mixed Mode. Beware that your digital sample rate remains equal to the output of the on-board PLL.

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